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Eurotim LLC is an owner of the trade mark TORNADO. TORNADO heating equipment appeared in 2009 as the result of transformation of Eurotim from a distribution company into a producer of heating of ventilating equipment.

Eurotim has incorporated like-minded people: sophisticated and experienced managers, talented engineers and creative designers as well as constructors, and market analytics. Manufacture of products takes place in up-to-date assembly workshops, under permanent quality control, applying reliable and qualitative components of world leading producers.

TORNADO is developing dynamically and continuously improving products range and quality. Arranged system of monitoring and information analysis, constant feedback form clients, tracing of the market – all these facilitate in implementing our possibilities and potential. Thanks to TORNADO we successfully implement projects of various scale and levels of complexity, providing our clients reliability, comfort, products quality, stability and development.

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+380 (44) 465 7263