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Contract production


Ukrainian producer of heating equipment, Eurotim LLC, invites you to beneficial cooperation in area of OEM-production of heating machinery. We render services of customized production considering the following characteristics:

  • Manufacture of products with the certain brand name (private label). 
  • Taking into account wishes of a Client regarding technical and engineering peculiarities. 
  • Negotiation of color of future units, marking, ways and types of packaging of finished goods. 

OEM-production is a modern and the most promissory way of launching your own trade mark. If you already have a trade mark, but you want to extend products range, than OEM is the right alternative for enhancing your influence and increasing market share, especially now, when competition impels to development and improvement. There is no need to arrange own production, study heating units production processes, hire technical staff and keep production places. We will deal with all of these – experts in producing heating machinery.

Benefits of contract production:

1) Individual prices and delivery conditions

Under OEM-production selling prices are considered and agreed on case-by-case basis. When negotiating cooperation conditions, we are always ready to discuss and choose mutually beneficial terms.

2) Guarantee of goods availability

When entering into OEM-production contract parties previously agree production terms, individually, for a specific customer.

3) Support and Maintenance

We always are ready to provide total technical support and if necessary carry out competent repair of a unit. Constant availability of spare parts and arranged work of service centers enables our customers to avoid troubles connected with periodic maintenance.

4) Convenience of work

Among advantages of OEM-production from Eurotim the following should be mentioned:

  • Optimal delivery terms for shipping goods from the producer to a client that makes possible to place additional orders.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of produced heating units.
  • Our production place is situated near the major product markets as Russian Federation and European Union.

Having agreed a delivery schedule you get optimal prices, guaranteed quality and timely shipment of equipment.

Location of Eurotim LLC enables our Customers to react promptly to demand boom. For more information about conditions of contract production please address us by:

Tel.: +380 (44) 465 7263
E-mail: info@tornadovx.com

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