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Air heating units
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Control element TORNADO VX1

The TORNADO air heaters are controlled by the programmable thermostat or the mechanical contol board which combines the programmable thermostat and the speed-switcher in the same casing. Thermostats are used for controlling the two-way valve's servo-motor by means of blocking the flow of the heat transfer agent into the heat exchanger when the pre-set indoor temperature is reached. Upon the drop of indoor temperature the servo-motor opens the valve and the flow of the heat transfer agent resumes. A single thermostat is able to control a group of valves with the servo-motors. The switching between the rotation speeds is done by means of mechanical control board (3 speeds). This enables lowering down the fan rotation speed, when the outdoor temperature goes up, in order to reduce electricity consumption and decrease noise level.

Programmable thermostat

Made of plastics. Responsive element of the thermostat is a thermistor. It enables to control actuator depending on ambient temperature. Ability to program working cycles (4 cycles within a day, 7 day calendar).

Mechanical contol board

Made of plastic. Sensing Element is the gas-filled Bellows. It allows to control the Valve’s Servo-Motor depending on the temperature. It as well enables to control the Fan rotation speed (3 grades, manual switching).  

Two-way valve with a servomotor

Actuator - it is an electronically dependent element. Its body is made of plastic. It provides remote control of the valve (two positions: opened/closed). Valve - its body is made of brass. Functional purpose: regulation of heat medium stream through the heat exchanger.
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